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Wadda Mooli

Welcome to Bindal Country.


‘Wadda Mooli' is Birrigubba language meaning greetings such as “hello, goodbye, or welcome”.


The traditional custodians are the Bindal people, and the language of the traditional custodians is the Birrigubba language.


When Europeans first arrived in Townsville, they assumed that no one occupied or owned the land because there were no boundaries marked by fences and farms. But the Bindal people had already been living here for many years – hundreds of generations. Archaeological sites near Townsville have been dated over 10,000 years ago.


The Bindal people call their country Thul Garrie Waja. The Totem of the Bindal people is the Dancing Brolga. An important symbol for the Bindal people is the ‘Shooting Star’. They believe that wherever the star fell or the direction the star fell there was either danger coming from that direction or someone from that direction was in need of help or in danger. If they saw a shooting star they would proceed with caution in that direction.


Bindal Totems - The dancing Brolga and Shooting Star.
©Mannie Ross SNR 2012
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