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  • Be respectful and courteous towards staffs, clients, carers and their guests.

  • Light lunch will be supplied at the activities coordinated from the fixed address;

  • Clients will be informed by the coordinator if they’re required to bring along their own lunch/drinks for activities/excursions away from centre;

  • Client/carers are encouraged to participate in group activities/program as organised by the coordinator;

  • Guests of client/carers are welcome to attend in-house CBDC however, they must supply own food/drink or payfees as determined by the Coordinator; 

  • Fees will be charged for activities/excursions away from the fixed address;

  • All activities/excursions and other functions by invitation will only be extended to TATSICW client and carer;

  • Transport service will only be provided to clients/carers attending CBDC activities;

  • Fees may apply to attend/participate in some activities; 


How you can assist us!

1. Consider asking family/friend to transport you to planned activity/event;

2. Offer fuel assistance to consumer/s who may be attending same event;

3. Share costs of cabs; (even cheaper if you know of a consumer/s who has subsidised cab vouchers)

4. Utelise public transport service.

5. Please be ready for pick up (advise as early as possible if you wish to cancel transport service);

6. Clients/carers are encouraged to bring their own materials if they wish to sell or keep what they’ve made;

7. Maintain your independence; do not wait to be served if you’re capable of doingit  for yourself. 





  • Support Service's Staff WILL NOT tolerate abusive behaviour or unbecoming conduct shown towards staffs, client, carers or their guests;

  • Arts & crafts materials made with materials supplied by TATSICW will remain the property of TATSICW;

  • Utensils/equipment will not be loaned to client/carers to take home;

  • Transport will not return to client/carer address if you’re not ready at time of pick up;

  • All functions/activities planned or by invitation to attend are only for the eligible client/carer to attend;



Note: The decision with determining who (client/carers) attend the away from centre and or other specific functions will be left to the discretion of the Coordinator Social Supports Group Activities. 



Do's and Don'ts of Center-based Day Care (CBDC)

Centre Base Day Care Service Definition: Refers to attendance/participation in structured group activities to develop, maintain or support the capacity for independent living and social interaction which are conducted in, or from, a centre based setting. Also includes group excursion/activities conducted by staff but held away from the fixed centre. Be respectful and courteous towards staffs, clients, carers and their guests.

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