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Home Maintenance Definition: Assistance with maintenance and minor repairs to person’s

home, garden or yard to keep their home in a safe and habitable condition.

Fees apply as of 1st of July 2010.




Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL mow/whipper snip yard (refer Conditions below)

  • WILL rake areas to define clear pathway e.g. front gate to stairs, rear stairs to clothes line;

  • WILL hedge shrubs; (OH&S rules apply)

  • WILL lop branches; (OH&S rules apply)

  • WILL change light bulbs; tap washers

  • WILL remove garden refuse (only leaves, branches) to the dump; (conditions and fees apply)


Conditions of Lawn Mowing Service:


1. Consumer/s responsibility is to ensure that able bodied family members/friends residing within the household must assist with the upkeep of the yard maintenance by assisting staff/s. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of maintenance service.


2. Consumer/s who own mowing equipment (e.g. mower, whipper snipper) must offer the use of to the yard

    maintenance officer for service to be undertaken;


3. Home Maintenance (HM) officer will attempt to mow yard approximately every third week, dependant upon weather conditions;


4. Thick long grass, 30cm and over in height client/carer will need to seek the services of professional

    mowing service;


5. Consumer/s must ensure yards are watered to decrease hazardous dust pollution; it is the discretion of

    the maintenance officer whether your yard is mowed if pollution is considered a health risk;


6. During wet weather conditions, the maintenance officer will not mow yards;

    (NB: the catcher (on mower) will not be used if grass is wet or thick/heavy from rain);


7. Consumer/s must leash pets whilst service is being undertaken;


8. Ensure that your yard is free of litter prior to service being undertaken.


Every effort is made to ensure that the service is provided in a timely manner. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (in particular during the cyclone/monsoon season, equipment breakdown, Sorry Business) there maybe service delays. Therefore we ask client/carers to be patient.





Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL NOT perform duties if worker/s is at risk of any abuse, harm or injury from client or carer.

  • WILL NOT mow if able bodied persons residing within household fail to assist with yard maintenance;

  • WILL NOT mow grass if in excess of 30cm in height;

  • WILL NOT mow if dust pollution is hazardous;

  • WILL NOT mow until yard is free of standing water;

  • WILL NOT mow in wet weather, electrical and cyclonic conditions;

  • WILL NOT use mower catcher if grass is wet/heavy with moisture;

  • WILL NOT jeopardize the health and safety of staffs, the client/carer and or neighbors whilst performing duties;

  • WILL NOT lop branches of tall trees (height assessment will be determined by HM Officer);

  • WILL NOT lift heavy objects in yard;

  • WILL NOT mow if there is too much litter, toys, bikes, animal faeces, green waste, etc littering the yard;

  • WILL NOT undertake maintenance if equipment is at risk of being damaged;

  • WILL NOT loan yard maintenance equipment to client/carers;

  • WILL NOT undertake removal of furniture or other heavy items;

  • WILL cancel service if fees are not paid.

  • WILL NOT work outside of allocated timeframe; (Refer care plan)




Do's and Don'ts of Home Maintenance

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