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Personal Care Definition: Refers to assistance with daily self-care tasks, such as eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, getting in and out of bed, and moving about the house and in some cases medication monitoring. Only a qualified person who has a Certificate III in Aged Care Services is permitted to undertake some of the tasks listed above. 




Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL Assist with personal grooming;

  • WILL assist with hairdressing (fees apply @ 1st February 2010);

  • WILL assist with dressing;

  • WILL assist with medication monitoring only;

  • WILL assist with getting in/out of bed (no lifting of consumer/s by HSW).





Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL NOT perform duties if worker/s is at risk of any abuse, harm or injury from client or carer;

  • WILL NOT lift any consumer/s;

  • WILL NOT performs duties not qualified to undertake. E.g. administer medication;

  • WILL NOT work outside of assigned appointed hours of service. Refer service schedule/care plan.

Do's and Don'ts of Personal Care

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