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The Service Delivery Process


1. Consumer assessed for service/s by My Aged Care through the Regional

    Assessment Service;;

2. Care Plan is developed in consultation with the consumer/s and

    will list type of service, conditions, and fees if any;

3. Service delivered to consumer/s and or placed on waiting list;

4. Support care worker is assigned to perform duties;

5. Where fees are paid, a payment plan can be negotiated.

For further information contact the Administartion office.




Staff that perform any services to consumer/s are referred as “Home Support Workers (HSW).” HSW’s  work to support eligible people of the CHSP service to be more independent at home and in the community. Staff are required to wear and or produce identification for consumers to sight. 





In accordance with the Townsville Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Women Policy and Procedures and the Commonwealth Home Support Program standards the responsibility of the consumer is to:


  • To respect the human worth and dignity of the service provider staff, guests and other consumers;

  • To treat service provider staff and other consumers with respect and courtesy;

  • To play a part in helping the service provider to provide them with services;

  • Keeping the service provider informed on any changes to consumers circumstances;

  • To provide a safe work environment for staff and help them to provide consumers with services safely.


Refusal of Service 


The Townsville Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Women Commonwealth Home Support Program will ensure that consumer/s who refuse or have been refused a service are not disadvantaged from accessing services in the future. The client has a right to refuse a service without retribution in the future. They also have a right to access service in the future if they have been refused a service based on a uniform system of criteria and responses. 


Communal areas within the household


The communal areas within a household are your toilet, bathroom, living room, kitchen, entertainment areas (indoor/outdoor) courtyards, verandahs and laundry areas. These areas are accessed by all who reside within the household regardless if they are permanent or short stay visitors.


Therefore, any visitor to the home (short term/long term stay) the HSW will only clean the consumer/s bedroom, not clean the communal areas as referenced above. The responsibility is that of the consumer/s and or their guests to assist them with. Also applies to visitors residing on site in a granny flat, caravan, tent, shed or other.


Client Service Delivery Responsibility


  • Advise by phone if you’re not available on day of service/cancellation of service;


  • Advise if there are any changes to your personal details, medical history or living conditions e.g. number of people residing in household (permanent/visitors);


  • Advise if you’re going on holidays and upon return for service/s to be resumed;


  • Consumer/s responsibility to have cleaning agents, equipment and accessories E.g. vacuum cleaner is in good working order, broom, mop and wringer bucket, cloths, bucket, cobweb broom, dusters;


  • Ensure pets are restrained whilst service is being undertaken;


  • Consumer/s must immediately report any infectious, contagious medical conditions within household environmental hazards that maybe harmful to employees delivering services. E.g. swine flu; school sores; dengue mosquito outbreak etc. If unsure please contact the administration office.


  • Consumer/s authorization for consent must be lodged with the office authorizing HSW to handle monies if shopping and or bill paying on client/carer behalf;


  • Service charges/fees must be kept up to date and or risk service being suspended;


  • Whilst every endeavor is made by staffs to provide service in a timely manner, there may be unavoidable delays with services. E.g. inclement weather, equipment breakdown, Sorry Business.


  • Consumer/s must report if there is any cleaning products that he/she may be allergic to and or cause the onset of any illnesses e.g. asthma etc to the HSW.


Do's and Dont's


There are rules around Service Delivery which we call the Do's and Dont's.


Click on each Service Type to read the Do's and Don'ts.

Service Delivery

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