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Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL accompany client/carer with shopping, bill paying and outings.

  • WILL provide company to consumer/s in the home.

  • WILL provide company to consumer/s at hospital appointments. (*Conditions apply)

  • WILL advocate for and on behalf of client/carer if required to do so.


* Accompanying a client/carer to hospital appointment:


Support care worker will only accompany consumer/s who need assistance with e.g. advocacy, mobility, suffers dizzy/anxiety attacks, suffers memory problems, speech impediment, language interpreter.


Support care worker allocated time with client/carer at medical appointment is 1 1/2 hour or as determined by the C.E.O. or senior officer.





Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL NOT perform duties if worker/s is at risk of any abuse, harm or injury from client or carer.

  • WILL NOT work outside of assigned appointed hours of service. Refer to care plan.

  • WILL NOT transport any other person other than client or carer. 




Do's and Don'ts of Social Support

Social Support Definition: Assistance by the HSW within the home environment or whilst accessing community services, meeting the persons need for social contact to participate in community life. Social support includes friendly visiting services, letter writing for the person, shopping and bill paying, banking (accompanied by the HSW).


Social support by the HSW can be delivered to one or more persons on the same day. E.g. three people within the same neighborhood can be serviced by the one support care worker.

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