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  • Be respectful and courteous towards staffs, clients, carers and their guests

  • Transport is a drop off and pick up service;

  • Must provide 48 hours notice for appointments if not indicated in consumer/s care plan;

  • Fees may apply for excursions;

  • Transport to and from coordinated CBDC activities;

  • Transport vehicle (12-seater bus) is used specifically for transportation to and from CBDC activities.

  • Transport will only be delivered within working hours and or if approval is given by board of directors.


How you can assist us!

1. Consider asking family/friend to transport you to planned activity/event;

2. Offer fuel assistance to consumer/s who may be attending same event;

3. Share costs of cabs; (even cheaper if you know of a consumer/s who has subsidised cab vouchers)

4. Utelise public transport service.

5. Transport is a demanding service by clients, to ensure that we operate in a timely manner please be ready for

    pick up;  Notify the office as early as possible if you wish to cancel transport service.





Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL NOT transport if staffs are at risk of any abuse, harm or injury from client or carer;

  • WILL NOT transport family/friends of eligible client/carer;

  • WILL NOT transport consumer/s who own vehicle; (unless viable reason given)

  • WILL NOT transport consumer/s if 48 hours notice is not given;

  • WILL NOT lift heavy loads into vehicle; act as removalist service; (OH&S rules apply)

  • WILL NOT transport patients of medical facilities or other organisations who are able to provide their clients with transportation services. e.g. Consumers of the Townsville Aboriginal & Islander Health Service must utelise the transportation service on offer by that agency and or other agencies who can assist you with free transport.

  • WILL NOT do return trip to house if client was not ready at initial time of pick up;

  • WILL NOT wait with client who are attending a medical appointment…drop off and pick up service only.




Do's and Don'ts of Transport Service

Transport Service Definition: Assist with transportation to enable the consumer/s to get out of their house and do chores, attend other activities or community centres, and participate in the community. Consumer/s eligibility is based on person’s inability to access public transport as a result of any of vision impaired; dementia; require use of wheelchair access vehicle; suffer from extreme phobias or disorders (qualified by a medical practitioner).

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