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Do's and Don'ts of Domestic Assistance

Domestic Assistance Definition: Refers to assistance with domestic chores, including assistance with cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing, ironing, shopping (unaccompanied) and bill paying. Domestic Assistance may include one-off spring cleaning where the tasks can be done within the usual work directions and skills of the Home Support Worker of TATSICW. Additional hours can be provided on a one-off basis to client for this purpose but must be endorsed by the Chief Executive Officer.



Consumer/s should seek assistance from family members to assist you with tasks that the HSW cannot



Consumer/s must be home on day of service.


Priority cleaning tasks 1-6:

1.   Sweep/Vacuum/Mop

2.   Clean toilet & bathroom recess

3.   Clean client/carer bedroom area and make bed

4.   Wash, wipe and put away dishes

5.   Wipe down benches, dining table

6.   Laundry (put washing on in readiness for hanging out helps the HSW)


Client can replace tasks listed 1-6 above with any tasks 7-12. However, notice must be given to the HSW prior to service day.


7.   Clean fridge/microwave/stove (client must ensure fridge/freezer is defrosted in preparation for


8.   Wipe wall/s over (*height restriction applies)

9.    Ironing

10. Dusting, cob webbing

11. Clean and tidy food pantry, bedroom/linen cupboards.

12. Clean louvers and windows


Height Restriction:

Support care worker/s can only clean as far as they can reach with both feet planted on floor. Please ask HSW to demonstrate if unsure.


Service Time:

We ask consumers to please be patient with support care workers. Staff may be delayed because they’re held up at a train crossing, car problems, unforeseen circumstances with prior client. If a care support worker is delayed for more than ½ (half) an hour, we ask that you contact the office so as we can follow up on matter and to ensure the safety of the HSW. 





Support Service's Staff:


  • WILL NOT enter the house of client/carer if he/she is not at home. (In accordance with the Commonwealth Home Support Program Standards and the Policy and Procedures of this organisation.) If no arrangement has been put in place, the HSW will not provide service until the following week and or next planned service day (Refer to care plan)

  • WILL NOT perform duties if worker/s is at risk of any abuse, harm, injury, occupational or health hazards to the support care worker.

  • WILL NOT clean communal areas if there are persons other than the consumer/s residing on a short/long term stay. (Failure to advise on changes to living conditions may result in your service being suspended.)

  • WILL NOT stand on chairs or ladders or move heavy weighted furniture to perform duties.

  • WILL NOT performs duties if eligible client is not present in the home. Consumer/s will forfeit service until next scheduled day of the following week.

  • WILL NOT clean up after any pets. Clients may need to seek the services of professional cleaners for cleaning of heavily soiled and if bad odors are caused by pets. 

  • WILL NOT supply any cleaning materials.

  • WILL NOT work outside of assigned appointed hours of service. (Refer to care plan)

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